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Monday, July 03, 2006

Movie Reviews

I really enjoy Internet Movie Database...what a great website. You get to read movie reviews by total randoms, including the following gem from some Canadian gentleman named "mm-39". How Shatner figures into things, I don't know, but this made me laugh out loud. The review is for Chuck Norris' film Good Guys Wear Black:

Better than TJ Hooker
7 March 2002
Author: mm-39 from Winnipeg

This guy is better than TJ Hooker. This guy does not jump on car windows, like TJ, he kicks threw them. Other than that this film is lamer than the 80-81 Winnipeg Jets. Not much of a story, but the budget did not help. I like the karate, but the acting was sad. I would suggest this film for someone I did not like.


Pynchon said...

Never seen that film. I'll have to dig it out.

The Nefarious One said...

if you like Chuck Norris, then rent it. Chuck would kick Jackie Chan's ass.