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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Buffalo Bill, anyone?

(Dear Readers, I am almost always willing to push the envelope in terms of what I consider humorous imagery. You have been warned.)

Some of my crew of friends/readers have decided to mock me privately over the appearance of an unknown 3rd party at this site, and any complimentary comments that may have been made.

So, if you must know, I have been acting strangely lately....friends and family, knocking loud at my door, yelling at me to open up. Inside I wear a kimono and lipstick, doing the weenie-tuck while I dance in front of a full-length mirror ala Jame Gumb....the stereo loudly drones on, offering a one word monotone salute to whatever username is the most recent to lavish praise on my writing skills.

The truth is that I (most likely) will not dance in front of the mirror or engage in any other bizarre behavior if you happen to tell me how much you enjoy this blog. But please feel free. Now, I must go. It's So Easy just came on the box, and well, you know...Slash calls.

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