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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Classic Tripe From Yesteryear

Currently being served up on something called Showtime EX, which might just mean Extra Weak, is some disaster called Big Bad Mama 2 from 1987. There must have been tons of coke going around for this to have been green-lighted. Cast? How about Robert Culp? I will see you your Culp and raise you an Angie Dickinson, wearing more fake diamonds than Liberace performing at the Kennedy Center. I watched it for 10 minutes and witnessed a bedroom scene with the actors listed above. The body doubles used for the scene, which was Red Show Diaries-esque, appeared to have used Hines Ward of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Penelope Ann Miller. The dialogue was even worse. Don't make me quote anything. Just awful.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Prison Break

Highlights from the Monday 11/13 episode of Prison Break:

#1) bad bald guy asking blond hooker for a "cleveland steamer"....and willing to spend $750 for it.

#2) bathtub n' iron interrogation treatment

#3) another balding bad guy telling cohort on telephone that he would "gut him, bow to stern."

I have to admit it was quality network tv...and I don't watch much of it.

Ramsey Lewis and PBS

There is a PBS show on PBS HD called "Legends of Jazz with Ramsey Lewis". I highly recommend it. Check your local listings for times. It comes with Dolby Digital sound, and the colors in HD add flair to the visual presentation of these talented artists. Ramsey hosts music heavyweights (himself being one, of course - check him out if you are not familiar with Mr. Lewis), holding short interviews with the guests before releasing them to perform - and that is the real magic of this show. Tonight, bossa nova is on the menu with Oscar Castro-Neves and Ivan Lins.