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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dr. Evil is really Lorne Michaels

Dennis miller has a radio show these days. Dana Carvey was on tonight and he did an impression of SNL Producer Lorne Michaels asking Carvey (while part of the cast) if had nailed the Danny Bonaduce impersonation yet. After Carvey's brief monologue, Miller commented that the accent Myers uses in the Austin Powers movies, as Dr. Evil, is actually Myers impersonating Carvey impersonating Lorne Michaels.

It was true, at least according to my ear.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Obi-Wan's Big Entrance

Watched some Return of the Jedi again tonight....because HBO is shoving it down my throat. I got something out of it though, in this case a good chuckle after noticing something I never noticed before. I was wondering about Obi-Wan and his ability to use the Force to communicate with Luke Skywalker even though Kenobi is dead. When Luke is visiting Yoda and Obi-Wan appears, he appears 25 feet away and sort of walks into the scene as if he is returning from a nice walk around the block. If he is so powerful, why can't he just materialize on a swamp log, right next to Luke? Its almost as if that is too easy, and he enjoys materializing a few feet away so he can make a big show of it.

I'm not sure, but I had a good laugh either way.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

the military channel

Just seen on the Military Channel, during an episode of "Warbots": brief comment from one of the Northrop Grumman reps, regarding the X-47n flying combat drone. More specifically, comment from a fellow by the name of Mick Jaggers.

That is an awesome name.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Got to get Religion

I like to exercise, obviously due to the health benefits but also because of the wonderful convergence of endorphins and huge guitar riffs. Nothing makes exercise easier than loud, aggressive rock and roll...especially when you hit the wall and the only way through it is to turn the volume up on GnR's "It's So Easy", for instance.

If you are like me, and always on the lookout for good workout tunes, check out Bad Religion.

While I love them, some complain their songs all sound the same. In terms of exercise, however, it is that consistency of sound that make them perfect. You have the confidence of knowing you're going to get 30 min+ of uninterrupted guitar riffs, machine gun snare drum, and angry lyrics featuring words you need to look up in the dictionary...without any bullshit ballads to break the pace.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Arena Rock

Rush has put out a boatload of music and it has earned its spot among rock's elite. If you cannot at least respect this band, then you really don't have an objective viewpoint when it comes to discussing music.

I recently imported A Farewell to Kings into my i-Tunes library, as well as a bunch of other stuff that had not yet been added to what has become my ever-growing precious...pronounce like Gollum: my digital music database....my precious. How about Buffalo Springfield, some Grateful Dead, a little Beatles (Live at the BBC) that I had lying around, and even live Who that had escaped the ripping process. Getting back to the subject, I just request that you take some time and listen to "Xanadu" all the way through. All 11:11 of it, son. Even the gristle. I just think that it helps to remind you of what huge concert rock once was - and hopefully can be again. Wolfmother just doesn't do it for me.

(Note: Yes, the movie Xanadu has nothing to do with Canadian progressive rock. But, ONJ is hot, and her hair in that movie poster is unstoppable.)

Sister Morphine

I'd have to say that Sister Morphine belongs in the top 5 Rolling Stones songs of all time. Now, I know that getting to that level is high praise, considering their library of work....but for me this song deserves it. Thoughts?

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'd party with *this* guy

I most often delete the forwarded e-mails that I receive from friends. You know the type. But sometimes they are worth passing on, or at least worth posting on the blog. It is not necessarily the message of the shirt, its the message PLUS the mustache and glasses. It all works. Take a look at the background. I don't know what kind of "event" this is. But I know I wanna go, and with this particular gentleman.