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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I hope he has Dr. Feelgood

Please join me in sending out a Get Well Soon to DD, currently held up in the Rocky Mtns. I hope they are piping Fu Manchu into your room, buddy. Nothing makes you feel better like songs about riding dirt bikes....really, really fast.
Meanwhile, I'm sure these gentlemen hope to see you soon.
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moonshine and moonpies said...

Please get well soon DD--we need you back on the "wild side".

Going with the "Edgewood" crew to the show in D.C. on Sunday. Will give a full report on Monday.

As I write this, I am laughing just knowing that "Grumpy Chimpy" won't even read this for another 12 hours until he wakes up. I can only imagine that the dream machine/sleep aid is chortling out noises of the "babbling brook" right about now as he lumbers around in his 12 year old "Burt and Ernie" robe. So classic.

Metal Militia said...

Three words: Flight for Life