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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Barely Scraping By

I was in the grocery line this evening and I took my usual glance through the bold headlines on the covers of People, National Enquirer, etc. The current Us Weekly cover features a photo of Tori Spelling, aka Admiral Ackbar (hint: Tori is the one on the right) The storyline was that her mother was going to cut her out of the $500 million estate left after Aaron Spelling passed away, and it said on the cover that she is "struggling to make ends meet." Yes, I am sure it must be quite rough for her right now. Hopefully her website is providing a revenue stream of some kind. I wonder if that hideous color represents royalty on the home planet of the Mon Calamari.

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Anonymous said...

Admiral Ackbar is a real gem..her drama is so boring...She's rich and she knows it (Isn't there a 90210 penison fund?)..now her mother "Candy" is the ruling bitch in the roost..Nice work Aaron..way to control the tv airwaves but have no control over your family or your ridiculous fortune made on crappy shows like Love Boat and Charlie's Angels (though Jacklyn Smith was hot..Kate Jackson go suck an egg..Nice piece Hops..